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Congratulations on your choice to join the finest and most active service club in Eugene!

The club meets every Tuesday at Valley River Inn. It is important that you attend as many lunch meetings, committee meetings and projects as possible. Your experience will be greatly enhanced the more you participate.

You are also encouraged to chair one of our many activities. Perfect attendance awards are given annually to members who record 50 or more attendances in the calendar year. The awards are highly regarded, and show that the Activian has supported the Club and been a sharp tooth of the saw. Some members have maintained 15 years or more of perfect attendance. Take pride in being an Active 20-30 Club member.

At initiation, you receive several items. Wear the pin to all meetings, and wear it proudly. Be sure to wear the red jacket to projects and functions to remind the community that they are seeing the Club in action and help them appreciate the results of their support.

Our Board of Directors meets on the third Monday of each month, beginning at 6:00 p.m. The location of the meeting is announced well in advance, both at lunch and in the monthly club bulletin. Attend the next one to see how we do business and keep attending to make your ideas and attitudes known. At these meetings, we set policy, hear requests for assistance from other organizations and make decisions on projects. You can be a part of this process by attending these meetings and make the Club better through your efforts.

To become a member, you just need to:

Be between 20 and 40 years old
Attend a weekly meeting (Tuesday, lunch or dinner at Valley River Inn)
Attend and work a project (see Calendar page)
Attend a Board Meeting (every 3rd Monday @ 6pm; contact a club officer for location)
Turn in Membership Application to the Treasurer
Pay Club dues (request current local dues info from the Treasurer. Note: Many companies pay their employees’ dues!)

Contact us or a club officer if you have any questions.