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Learn more about Active 20-30 history, objectives, international clubs, and more.


View and volunteer for current projects and events.


See how the club can help you develop useful leadership skills.

We’ve been serving the Eugene area since 1927.

Active 20-30 Club United States and Canada provides young adults with the opportunity for personal growth, friendship and leadership development while improving the quality of life for the special needs of the children in its local community.

Youth, to be Served, Must Serve

Become an Active Contributor

Active contributors are community-minded companies who support the Eugene Active 20-30 Club through a yearly monetary donation. In return, the Eugene Active 20-30 Club provides its Active Contributors with advertising and marketing opportunities throughout the year at many of our well-attended events, in our print and online publications and at our meetings. Active Contributors are also encouraged to get their employees involved in giving back to the community by receiving a complementary Eugene Active 20-30 Club membership for a new member. The value provided to our Active Contributors goes above and beyond the cost of supporting the Eugene Active 20-30 Club. We appreciate those who support our Club and encourage our members and friends to support their businesses whenever posssible.

2019 Active Contributors
barry barreau insurance services
partnered solutions it
qsl print communications
musgrove mortuaries & cemetaries
umpqua bank
summit bank
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