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The Lifetime Achievement Award (LAA) is presented annually to a Past-Active member of the Active 20-30 Club of Eugene for accomplishments while a member of the club and their continued support after achieving Past-Active Status. Accomplishments include the past members attendance, project participation, fellowship, awards received, and/or board participation on local, national, international and world levels.

Who is Eligible:
Any Past-Active Member of the Active 20-30 Club of Eugene #920.

Nomination Requirements: Send an email to [email protected] OR submit the form below.  Include the person’s name and tell us why you think the person should receive the award.

Submission Deadline: February 22nd

Current Committee:
The LAA Award Committee selects the nominee in each year’s applicant pool whose lifetime achievements (projects, attendances, fellowship) have made the greatest contributions to the Eugene 20-30 Club, Active 20-30 US and Canada, Active 20-30 International, and/or World Council of Service Clubs.

Committee Composition:
One Chair and two members.

Committee Chair/Members and End Term:
LaVena Nohrenberg
Dan Ertel
Brian Jones

Committee Chair Contact Information:
LaVena Nohrenberg
[email protected] | 541-844-6317