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Benefits of Giving Back During COVID-19

With the current state of 2020, activism, charity, and community service have been on a lot of people’s minds. But besides earning bragging points and feeling good about yourself, why, with the current demands, would you devote your precious time volunteering? I know I can’t speak for everyone but for me, it’s sevenfold.

1. Feeling connected to community

We all know community is so important, and is so now more than ever. Thankfully, many non-profit organizations have adapted to the current climate and meet virtually or in person while following COVID protocol. Not only is the extra social interaction so needed (oh no, we know it’s not because you’re tired of your roommates!) but the more you do for your community the more you come to love and become invested in that community.

2. Feeling good

Take it from H. Jackson Brown Jr. “Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” And it’s not just hearsay! “The euphoric feeling we experience when we help others is what researchers call the “helper’s high,” a term first introduced 20 years ago by volunteerism and wellness expert Allan Luks […]” In a 1988 piece for Psychology Today, Luks looked at the physical effects of giving experienced by more than 1,700 women who volunteered regularly. The studies demonstrated that a full 50 percent of helpers reported feeling “high” when they helped others, while 43 percent felt stronger and more energetic.” And don’t you deserve to feel good for the rest of 2020?

3. Transferable skills 

This is one of the most often overlooked benefits of volunteering. Because of my time spent giving back, I now know how to build a fence, serve on a Board of a non-profit, plant an ecosystem, speak in public, coordinate events, and fundraise! Depending on where you volunteer next, you could learn anything from carpentry to pyrotechnics!

4. Networking

Any true business person will tell you “it’s all about connections, baby”! Business Network International (BNI) is the world’s largest business networking and business referral organization. In 2019 alone they generated over $16.7B in Member referral business revenue- why not volunteer and network at the same time? In our club new business connections are being made almost daily.

5. A better world for everyone (yourself included) 

One of the main reasons I wanted to write this article was because I felt I had a firsthand experience that would be beneficial to share: I grew up underprivileged and volunteer services/programs like these changed the trajectory of my life forever.

As a kid, it was an exciting relief to wake up to a pile of presents I did not expect. I could share in an experience my peers were having thanks to the jolly bikers in Santa suits. I remember the bike I got from the police station’s bike drive and the scar I wouldn’t have on my left elbow without it. The most life changing aspect for me was a program that no longer exists in CA (though there are other, similar programs now) when I was assigned a mentor. Because of these programs and the benefits I received first hand, I can truly say that giving back to your community makes a huge difference in one or many individuals lives which in turn, benefits your life and makes the world a better place.


One often overlooked aspect of being in the Active 20-30 club is the relationships you will cultivate over time. As we get older, the opportunities to socialize with new people, to work with them as a team, to struggle, achieve and bond, become increasingly scarce. We feel it’s because of these aspects that 20-30ers find their soulmates, best friends, groomsmen, and lifelong friends in our club.

7. Karma

Who doesn’t like a little good karma?